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    e-commerce languages/frameworks??

    Hi guys, I am new to serve side development but excited to learn more.
    I would like to build a shopping cart and I was wondering the best language/framework to learn that.
    Is php or cakephp or codeigniter or zend or ruby on rails.
    I don't have any experience with any of them I am fresh.
    I read somewhere that ruby would be the best for the long run, what u think?
    Is it overkill to learn a language/framework only to build a shopping cart, is it better to use.learn zen cart/magento ot joomla?
    I am planning to use mysql or any other free db.
    My background is front side...html,css,xml,flash,actionscript 3.0.
    What's more, I am very excited about the j-query,ajax so I would like to implement that and flash to my webpage/application.

    In case that php is the way to go, is it faster/better to learn a framework to build the shopping cart or pure php? which framework.
    E-commerce/shopping cart only purpose for now.
    Thanks for your time and help.

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    Its all pretty subjective, but if you want to learn how to build something I'd still pick PHP. I would also avoid using a framework if you are new, so you learn how to do things the hard way to make you a better programmer.

    I personally like Codeigniter as a framework for PHP, and use Joomla for a CMS, but thats me. I have built sites without them and with heavy modifications in both.

    If you just want to get a shopping cart running, I've heard really good things about Magneto.
    jeremy - gnomeontherun
    Educated questions often get educated answers, and simple questions often get simple answers.


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