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    Regarding sprintf()

    why would i use sprintf() for query like insert at databaseeeeeee

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    Because sprintf ensure the user input is of the datatype you specified.

    The general goal of this is to avoid SQL injection attacks.

    For example you ask in an HTML form for a quantity. The user put aaa instead of a number in the field. If you do nothing you'll end up in trying:

    INSERT INTO someTable (qty) VALUES (aaa) which will fail.

    If you validate your data with a sprintf %d, aaa will be converted to 0. Still you should validate your data, but at least sprintf ensure the correct datatype for a given value.

    Usually sprintf is used with an escape function like mysql_real_escape_string.

    Before any SQL query that result from input data you should always
    1) Check/validate user data
    2) Escape the values entered by the user
    3) Use sprintf to ensure datatype integrity

    PHP Code:
    if (is_numeric($user) && $user 0)
    $query sprintf("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userId= %d AND password= '%s'"mysql_real_escape_string($user), mysql_real_escape_string($password)); 
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