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    Question Issues running .php files in subfolders on WebProject? [PHP & IIS7]

    I'm running IIS7 as a webserver for my PHP project, initially the project had a single index.php file (in the root of the web space) and everything was working fine.

    Now I've important all these new PHP files (into the root) and created subfolder (/includes/) which contain a bunch of .PHP scripts which I "include" from my main index.php, oddly enough these don't seem to run...

    I've asked around and a bunch of people mentioned setting "Execute Permissions is set to Scripts Only" in the Home Directory Tab... I beleive this is for an older version of IIS because with IIS7 I can't find anything like that ...

    So, two quick questions
    a) any clues what it could be? aside from permissions (which I find odd, I would have assumed any subdirectories to the webspace would be ok)
    b) how do I add "scripts only" execute permissions?

    Is there a way to debug/test this?
    (note - I am running Microsoft Windows Vista 64b)

    Any help/hints or ideas would be much appreciated...

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    Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with IIS so I personally won't be able to help you out there, hopefully someone else has the answer. If you're interested in just developing locally and you need a server I highly suggest WAMP Server. This will install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your computer and is a great testing environment.
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