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Thread: php search page

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    php search page

    need some advice on the best way to make a search page in php for a mysql database.

    The database contains 3 columns with CSV's. The CSV's are all taken from a set list of about 20 different values.

    I want users to be able to search for each row for different values using dropdowns or checkboxes.

    For example, for row 1:
    column a = "apples, pears, oranges"
    column b = "red, black, green"
    column c = "wood, stone, water"

    so a user might want to find a row with columns a, b or c containing ALL of apples, oranges, red and stone **OR** ANY of apples, oranges, red and stone (preferably in the latter case sorted by the number of matched occurrences).

    I'm familiar with the syntax for a basic search, but can't put together a query for this that does what I want it to.

    Thank you in advance....

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    The easy way is with the use of a FULLTEXT index. This is a MySQL index that gives you boolean search capabilities, so a search string of "+apples +pears +oranges" will only hit if all three words are found.

    I would also nag you to normalize your data. Good article about it:


    For more information on this type of index:



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