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    Thumbs up transaction deadlock when using "autocommit"

    In PHP:

    Transaction is a big problem in MySQL --> here is what I have done
    Since the DB is InnoDB, I tried to "set autocommit=0" so that it can be rollback if it wants, and data will not be actually updated into the file disk unless a "commit" is performed.

    I typed:

    $autocommit = "SET autocommit=0";
    $setcommit = mysql_query($autocommit);
    echo "<font color = yellow> Setcommit = $setcommit </font><BR>";

    and then it worked once, but then for the second time, when I go to mySQL and try to do something, it came an error of :

    ERROR 1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; Try restarting transaction

    which is probably the deadlock problem...I have to release the lock by
    i) show processlist; (and see which thread is sleeping)
    ii) kill thread_id;

    Does anyone know how to perform transaction with php using InnoDB?

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