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    Read records from file and delete them?

    Is there a way that I can read the first number of records of a file, say 200, and then delete those 200 records? It is a large file, so I would prefer to minimize the amount of file rewriting I do.

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    Hi, you can open a file for reading and writing with


    and traverse the file with fseek() etc, but the best you will be able to do (AFAIK) is overwrite the first $x lines with '' , you will still have say, 200 empty lines at the start of your file.

    unless your file is repressivly large ... and if it is it should not be - then reading the file and rewriting really is the best solution, & as long as you are not echoing the data to screen or anything should be fast enough.

    on *NIX there are the direct i/o functions, dio_truncate() will truncate the file to $x bytes, though from what 'end' I can't say as I have yet to use them.
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