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    help with basic PHP assignment

    I am applying for an internship and they gave me an assignment to complete. They know I have a background in C and have absolutely no experience with PHP. They wasn't me to demonstrate the ability to find the answer to a problem not necessarily demonstrate my knowlege of coding. The following are the parameters of the assignment:

    Create a form in PHP that gathers all the information and sends an email with all info upon submitting it.

    Form Structure:

    first_name, last_name, email and phone.

    All fields should be required.

    Validate the email.

    Validate the phone structure.

    This is a tremendous opportunity for me to learn and gain valuable experience. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking from us. Are you looking for us to point you to resources on the web that will teach you how to do this?

    Here's a good link for PHP.

    You need to looking into how to use the $_POST variable. The mail(). And probably some Regular Expressions (REGEX) to validate email and phone number structure.
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    Form Issues?
    check out our own Andrew Johnson's http://www.kwickwidgets.com/ should help

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    So they don't want you to actually provide code for this? I find that hard to believe. My professional opinion is that they want to see if you are a programmer or just someone who learns one language. For a true programmer the language doesn't matter. It's just a tool to accomplish the task. So unless they have asked your for nothing more than an algorithm or pseudo code to accomplish this then I would suspect that they expect you to write the code for this to see if you can design it then implement it which are two basic fundamentals of software engineering.
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