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    thumbnail from image in db

    i was looking for some php code that resizes images effectively creating a thumbnail without resaving and creating a new file. i found this but the problem is that it apparently only works with local urls linking to images files. my images are stored in a mysql database and are retrieved with another php file called "getdata.php?id=x". this php file does work and i can view the original image fine. when i link to http:/mysite.com/pathto/thumbnail.php?url=getdata.php?id=x it gives me this error:

    Warning: getimagesize(getdata.php?id=2) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/path/thumbnail.php on line 7

    this is code for thumbnail.php:

    PHP Code:
        // Get image info from variable
    $url $_GET['url'];
    $img getimagesize($url) or die();//line 7
        // Checks if URL is image
    if ( $img[2] == ) {
    $pic imagecreatefromgif$url ) or die();
        } elseif ( 
    $img[2] == ) {
    $pic imagecreatefromjpeg$url ) or die();
        } elseif ( 
    $img[2] ==) {
    $pic imagecreatefrompng$url ) or die();
        } else {exit();}
    // If an image is found and we can determine that it is an image
    if ($pic) {
    // Get width and height from the image
    $width imagesx($pic);
    $height imagesy($pic);
    $theight 100;
    // Calculate the new width
    $twidth = ($theight $width) / $height;
    // Create new image
    $thumb = @imagecreatetruecolor $twidth$theight )
            or die (
    "Can't create Image!");
    // Resize the image into a thumb
    // Change page type to a jpeg
    header ("Content-type: image/jpeg");
    // Create jpeg image from thumbnail
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    If you upload your images and have control over them then this PHP script might be useful. It generates images from the embedded thumbnails.

    PHP Code:

    $image exif_thumbnail($file$width$height$type);

    if (
    $image!==false) {
    header('Content-type: ' .image_type_to_mime_type($type));
    } else {
    // no thumbnail available, handle the error here
    echo 'No thumbnail available';
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