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    Angry login system working, but how to create custome profile pages for each user?

    i'm not too familiar with mysql, databases and php.

    I downloaded a login script off hotscripts.com
    i installed it, copied what it told me to into the mysql DB, everything works fine. I can login, change my pw, register, etc.

    does anyone know how I would go about creating a CUSTOM profile page for that person?
    Basically it's an article site, and I wanted a button on each article page that would say something like "ADD ARTICLE TO PROFILE". When they clicked this, it would write that pages URL to the DB/their custom profile page.

    This way they can save their favorite articles to their profile, then simple click a "my profile" button on the top of the page, and see all their favorited articles on their custom profile page.

    help? I don't even know how to go about this.

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    Create a table called favorite_articles or whatever. You'll need to find out what kind of user ID your login script uses. Then make the press of that button submit the form to a PHP script (or just use a link with a query string indicating which article they chose) and then put a function in that script that inserts into your favorite_articles table the user ID and article ID. A timestamp would also be a good idea to include in that table.

    Display a person's favorites with a select query on favorite_articles using the user ID of the person logged in.


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