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Thread: php and forms

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    php and forms


    Sorry if my question is stupid. Is it possible to use values entered in a html form in a php script on the same page? All I know about forms and php is that i can use the POST values on the 2nd page when the form in the first page is submitted.

    Another question: Is it possible to setup a php page that is hidden from the user (kind of a redirection page) which processes some values and insert into the database form values entered by the user in a previous page? What I am trying to do is basically have the user fills out a form, when they click submit, they get redirected into another website (but during redirection, the form values will be inserted into the database).

    Thank you!

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    Yes and yes.

    To post forms to the same page either leave the action blank, make it the name of the page you're on or use $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] then at the top of the page you want something like

    PHP Code:
    if(isset($_POST['name of some form field (usually input button']))
    //process form here

    to redirect use header()
    PHP Code:
    header('Location: http://www.example.com'); 


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