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    Smile Wanting to start a mailing list

    Hey everyone ,

    I am really interested in putting a mailing list on my website. I have only just discovered php and mysql and I found a program called php list on my cPanel X control panel on my website.

    I would like to put a text box on my navigation bar that has inside it "enter your e-mail" (when they click this disappears) and a button on the right of that which says "join" (I will have a jpg underneath this text box saying "Mailing List").

    When someone clicks on "join" I would like them to get sent to a page with the e-mail address field filled out in the right table with what the address they entered in the navigation pane, along with a name field they can fill out and a Submit button.

    I have seen these on many websites so I assume it is not that hard to do, but I am pretty lost as to how everything is connected (the database (mysql?) and the php list program).

    I assume when they click submit it will send their details to a mysql database / send them a confirmation e-mail.

    I was wondering what code I will need to make this system work, as I have been reading and googling and I am quite lost as to the mechanics of how it all works

    Any help is appreciated!

    - Sepp.

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    you will need to use javascript to make the text in the box disapear when you click it, and PHP for loading the email addresses into the DB.

    javascript: (use this in the textbox)
    onclick="if( this.value =='Enter keyword'){this.value=' '}"
    Full Example:
    PHP Code:


    if(isset($_POST['emailAddress']) and $_POST['emailAddress'] != 'Enter Email Address')

    $hostname_conn_email "server Address";
    $database_conn_email "database";
    $username_conn_email "username";
    $password_conn_email "password";
    $conn_email mysql_pconnect($hostname_conn_email$username_conn_email$password_conn_email) or trigger_error(mysql_error(),E_USER_ERROR);

    $insertSQL "INSERT INTO databaseName (fieldname) VALUES ('".addslashes($_POST['emailAddress'])."')";
    $result1 mysql_query($insertSQL$conn_email) or die(mysql_error());


    <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">
      <input name="emailAddress" type="text" id="emailAddress" value="Enter Email Address" onclick="if( this.value =='Enter Email Address'){this.value=' '}" />
      <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Join!" />
    I havn't checked this but i am sure that i will work but may need tweeking a bit.


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