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Thread: Frame troubles

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    Frame troubles

    So.. i dont exactly know how to solve my problem, or even what language it should be solved with... it could either be PHP, AJAX, or something im not even aware of lol... so heres the problem..

    I have a game, i just overhauled the layout, and now its framed. I know a lot of you dont like frames, but tough, i need them :P now, in my game, turns are used up when you adventure, problem is, the character pane in the frame shows the adventures, and when you adventure in the main pane, you cant see the adventures you lost, or if you lost HP, or whatever... so i need that to refresh when i adventure.. now.. is it possible to have some command in PHP to detect a change in the DB and refresh the page if there is a change? or any other ideas on how I would go about solving this?

    Any help would be appreciated..

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    you could force a meta refresh every minute or something like that...

    But to solve your problem completely and make the it update in real time, you are going to need to use javascript/AJAX.

    AJAX, btw, is not a language, but a suite of languages (mainly PHP & JS) working together.

    PHP Tip: If you want to use short tags (<? or <?=$var) then make sure short_open_tag is set to "1". It really helps.

    Don't forget to save everyone time and mark your thread as Resolved :)

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