hey guys

I have a HTML form on my website, and when user completes all the inputs, the result is submitted to a CGI page. I am trying to add image verification to this HTML form.

I have found on the web a php file that can generate random images with strings, and there is a php code that is provided to check the image verification.

This is what i have for form declaration:
<form method="post" action="<?php echo $sThisScript; ?>"  name="form">
and when image is verified,

PHP Code:
if ($sVerifyImgString === $sInput){
header'REFRESH: 1; URL=my.cgi?action=save'
'&name=        ' $_POST['name']
'&phone=        ' $_POST['phone']
'&email=        ' $_POST['email']

It works when the inputs are in english, but if the inputs are in some east asian language, like chinese, the result on the CGI page would be wrong, like C1%62%98^97&....... anyone know how i can fix this?

I think its the method that i can sending the form data to the CGI, i dont know.

If anyone knows another way to check the image verification, then send the data to the CGI , please help me. can u submit a form in php?