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    Multiple Choice Quiz

    Hi Everyone,

    How do I create a Multiple Choice Quiz, with a back-end to allow the administrator to add, delete, edit or activate questions.

    The user will have the option to answer a,b,c, or d for each question by clicking on the appropriate button.

    The user will need to have the option to select a level out of three available levels.
    Many Thanks, in advance!

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    I have seen this many times being answered by Google and hotscripts.com
    Good luck.
    Thanks for you support!

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    How do I create a insert name of your application here
    Define, define, define. Define the features, functions, and layout for the user interface. Define the features, functions, and layout of the administration back end. Define the data needed to store the questions/answers for each level and if needed store the results for each person taking the quiz. Keep iterating through the above steps until you are comfortable that you have addressed everything you envision your application to need.

    Then break each part you just defined down into smaller and smaller steps until you can write the code need to accomplish each step.

    It is beyond the scope of a programing help forum for someone here to take the time to think through the steps necessary and to list out everything needed to create any specific application.

    If you have a specific part of this you need help with, specific code or an error you are having a problem with, then a programing help forum can do something for you. But for a generic "How do I create a ..." question, you might as well be posting a homework question and be expecting someone here to do that homework for you.
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