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    Triggering a script on a remote server

    I'm presently being hosted for free and the service I have has but one snag in it: disabled mail() functions. But, I found another host that has them enabled, so I'm attempting to connect those two sites. I've got a page on host B set up to pull all the necessary data out of the query string, plug it into the mail() function and send it off. This works to perfection...

    However, I'm attempting to seamlessly send the e-mail from host A. Right now, I'm doing it by echoing an iframe with the necessary GET data placed in the src attribute. This, obviously, is not the most efficient way and certainly weakens security a bit. I was curious, there must surely be a way to do this behind the scenes with PHP, no? All assistance is appreciated...

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    Lookup CURL

    I believe you can do what you want with it.


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