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    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or

    HI i am getting this,plz tell me how to solve this

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\xampp\web\hosting\control\bin\interfaces\app_extensions\data_access\implementatio ns\iqdb\iqdb_itemstatus.class on line 46
    this is the code

    * $InQuent: iqdb_itemstatus.class,v 2005/02/18 00:19:24 jackyc Exp $

    $ii = new IRAAIncluder(dirname(__FILE__));



    define("SEARCH_MAXROWS", 1000);

    class IQDB_itemstatus extends IQDB_BusinessImplementation
    //$obj = new IQDB_itemstatus();

    function getAccountInstanceId($params, &$txMgr)
    $account_instance_name =@ $params['acc_inc_name'];
    echo '$account_instance_name';
    $sql1 = new DBBindQuery();
    $query = <<<EOF
    SELECT aci.account_instance_id "account_instance" FROM account.instance aci
    $sql1->addWhere("aci.account_instance_reference", $account_instance_name);

    $result = $this->boundselect( $txMgr, $sql1, "no account_instance id for given account instance name", __FILE__, __LINE__, NULL, true );
    return $this->keepFirstRow( $result, 'account_instance' );
    echo "successfully executed";
    function getAccountSearch($params, &$txMgr)
    echo 'started...';
    $acc= this->getAccountInstanceId($params,&$txMgr);

    $numRows = $params["number_of_rows"];
    $offsetRows = $params["row_offset"];
    // This is where the *new & improved* search logic starts
    $mergedResults = array();
    /* Form the query */

    $query = <<<EOF
    SELECT PROVISION.ADMIN_CONTROL_PANEL_PKG.QUEUE_MANAGEMENT( :v_account_instance_id, $item_cur ) as "queue_management" FROM dual
    //$ibl = new IQDB_BusinessImplementation();
    $sql = new DBBindQuery();

    $sql->addBoundParam(":v_account_instance_id", $acc);
    $result = $this->boundselect ( $txMgr, $sql, NULL, __FILE__, __LINE__ );
    return $this->keepFirstRow( $result, '$item_cur' );

    function packAccountInstanceIDs($result, $type = true)
    $IDList = array();

    if ($result->ok()) {
    $rows = $result->getResultValue();
    if (count($rows) == 0)
    return $IDList;
    foreach ($rows as $row) {
    if (isset($row['account_instance_id']))
    $IDList[] = $row['account_instance_id'];
    else if (isset($row['account_id']))
    $IDList[] = $row['account_id'];
    trigger_error("Search ERROR! Could not find account_instance_id OR account_id!");
    } // foreach
    return $IDList;
    } else {
    // Something is wrong, return a safe value (nothing)
    return $IDList;


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    This line won't work with the single quotes around it.
    PHP Code:
    echo '$account_instance_name'
    Can't see anything standing out to create the error. There's alot of code there so can you put it in [php][/php] tags? Is this right too?

    PHP Code:
    SELECT PROVISION.ADMIN_CONTROL_PANEL_PKG.QUEUE_MANAGEMENT( :v_account_instance_id$item_cur ) as "queue_management" FROM dual 
    The semi-colon before v_account_instance_id


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