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    split string and loop through it

    I have the following code in asp that i'm trying to duplicate in php

    what is does is split a string my commas and tehn i want to loop through it.


    for i= lbound(arradminproductfieldnames) to ubound(arradminproductfieldnames)

    ' do sutff with the element of array

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    PHP and ASP are similar in how they look and feel, especially with the new object model. The solution you are looking for is like so:

    PHP Code:
    $arradminproductfieldnames explode(", "adminproductfieldnames)

    for (
    $i 0$i count($arradminproductfieldnames); $i++)
    // iterate using $arradminproductfieldnames[$i]

    if (
        foreach (
    $arradminproductfieldnames AS $arradminItem
    // Use $arradminItem as iterated value

    Php needs to make the additional check before running a foreach loop to ensure it is an array. This is because a foreach iterates more like a do...while and will throw a warning if it cannot make it through the first step. The basic 'for' loop more closely resembles the loop you have posted.
    Hope that helps you!

    Oh, drop a quick message here as well.
    Php also has a split() function, and will do the same as you are looking for. However, split in php is used in conjunction with regular expressions, and searches for a pattern. This technically makes it slower than an explode for simplistic search techniques.
    PHP Code:
    header('HTTP/1.1 420 Enhance Your Calm'); 
    Been gone for a few months, and haven't programmed in that long of a time. Meh, I'll wing it ;)


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