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Thread: PHP mysql help

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    PHP mysql help

    i am creating a guestbook for wap... since wap surfing is some times timed out since it depends on the signal strengent i am getting double n more posts of the same content by the same user...

    so i want to write a script which checks the lastest entry in the db n match it with the present submitted entry ...if both match it needs to be redirected to diff page...

    i want help to pull out the lastest entry from the DB

    should i do it using

    SELECT id, name, date_format(entry_date, '%b %e') as post_time from guestbook ORDER by entry_date desc LIMIT 1, 1

    can i use this to call the lastest entry n check it with the submitting entry n do the needfull ?

    if not plz let me know the MYSQL query statement

    PHP Code:
    CREATE TABLE guestbook (
    name VARCHAR(30NOT NULL,
    place VARCHAR(30NOT NULL,
    phone VARCHAR(30NOT NULL,
    email VARCHAR(50NOT NULL,
    message TEXT NOT NULL,
    entry_date DATETIME NOT NULL
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    simplify it and your fine ...

    SELECT id, name, entry_date as post_time from guestbook ORDER by entry_date desc LIMIT 1, 1


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