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    how to enter a value using php ?

    I need to ask a value to visitor with a prompt for example

    echo "enter a value to continue..."

    after this echo the script should prompt and wait for a value followed by enter.

    If the visitor enter the value then I execute the next php code .

    This php script should work from linux command line
    It should work like this

    Please enter a password ... (prompt)

    The user enter a password , click enter , and the script continue the execution.

    With perl it's possible with following way

    print "What password ? ";
    $pass = <STDIN>;

    is there some way to do that with php ?
    Thank you

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    PHP Code:
    function getstdin ($str){
    $fp fopen("php://stdin","r");
    $line fgets($fp,255);

    $pass1 getstdin("Please enter a password:");
    $pass2 getstdin("Please confirm password:");

    "\nPassword's accepted";
    "Your passwords do not match";
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