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    How to create a dynamic self-updating pages

    I'm new to PHP and MYSQL i would like to ask the best way to make a page that prefills itself if a person is entering a customers name that is already in the database. In onter words I just want a script that checks if a certain customer exists in my system without submiting the form... Is there a way using PHP or can i embed another language in PHP that could do that and what could that language be

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    I think you might be looking for a dhtml (or ajax) solution. Pretty simple to pull off...
    throw an onkeydown event on the customers name field, something like...


    obviously that function exists in javascript and is setup to use an ajax style request to the server passing the customer name, and when it gets data back - populate the rest of the fields.

    This is more of a javascript question though, as the only thing you'd need php for was the querying of the database and the output of the array.
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