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    Question Removing font tags inside <!-- --> comments with PCRE

    Hi. Like I said in the title. I need to remove <font color="#xxxxxx">blah</font> text instead off getting rid of anything else like the blah.

    Here's my HTML code:
    &lt;<font color="#800080">script</font> type=<font color="#3A6EA5">&quot;text/javascript&quot;</font>&gt;<font color="#008000">&lt;!--
    <br />
    google_ad_client = <font color="#3A6EA5">&quot;pub-2364887827571271&quot;</font>;
    google_ad_height = 90;
    <br />
    google_color_border = <font color="#3A6EA5">&quot;E1EBFF&quot;</font>;
    <br />
    google_color_text = <font color="#3A6EA5">&quot;677695&quot;</font>;
    <br />
    //--&gt;</font>&lt;/<font color="#800080">script</font>&gt;
    <br />
    &lt;<font color="#800080">script</font> type=<font color="#3A6EA5">&quot;text/javascript&quot;</font>
    <br />
    Here's a sample:
    text text text <!-- this text is not going to be removed but the tag: <font color="#xxxxxxx">this will stay</font> tag will be removed...-->
    This tag wont be removed because its outside the html comments tags <font color="#xxxxxx">sdg</font>
    My code so far:
    PHP Code:
    $text preg_replace("/(&lt;!--)(.*?)(<font color=\"#[\d\w]{6}\">)(.*?)(<\\/font>)(.*?)(--&gt;)/si","\\1\\2\\4\\6\\7",$text); 
    EDIT: I am making a HTML code highlightor and it put font color tags inside comment tags and it should not do that because all text inside comments tags will be the same color...
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