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    Building a Table from multiple databases...

    Hi. I am trying to build a two column table, each column from a different database. (The actual functionality is that a user can search for other users and see what systems they are associated with. I want one column to be 'Users' and the other to be 'Systems'. My first database contains just users and ID numbers...the second has systems and their details [including their unique ID]. That is the common key between the two)

    Here is the code for my query and printing:
    #Search the database if search was pressed
    	if ( defined $form{cmd} && $form{cmd} eq "Search" ) {
    		$sqlcmd  = "SELECT * from `$Database`.`$AccessTable` WHERE ";
    		$div = "";
    		$ky = $form{SearchFor};
    		$pattern = SafeStr($form{SearchQuery});
    	#Get the type of what we are searching for and search differently for different types
    	        foreach $member (@tblentries) {
    		    $mname = $member->{"member"};
    		    $mtype = $member->{"type"};
    		    if ($ky eq $mname){
    			if ($mtype eq "int"){
    				$pattern = "\%" if ($pattern eq "");
    				$sqlcmd .= "$div" . "`$ky` LIKE '$pattern'";
    				$div = " AND ";
    			}else{  #assume some sort of string
    				# The lower makes it case insensitive, the % are wildcards
    				$sqlcmd .= "$div" . "lower(`$ky`) LIKE lower(\'\%$pattern\%\')";
    			        $div = " AND ";
    #evaluate the SQL cmd
    	eval {
    		$sth = $dbh->prepare($sqlcmd);
    		$nr  = $sth->execute();
     	if ( $@ ) {
    	# SQL Error
    		print STDERR "Search resulted in an SQL error.<p>\n$sqlcmd\n";
    		print "Search resulted in an error.\n";
    	elsif ( $nr == 0 ) {
    		print "No match.\n";
    	else {
                    my $systemKey = GetSystem();
    	        # Display content of search
    	        print "<table width=\"100%\" cellpadding=\"2px\" cellspacing=\"1px\" border=\"0\">\n";
    	        print begintr($hd_clr, $hd_ht, "$fstyle cursor:pointer; ", "");
    	        #Go through and print out these fields in a table
    	        foreach $member (@HeadingsOrdered) {
    		print "  <th id=\"$member\" onclick=\"headingsSort('$member');\">$member</th>\n";
    	        print " </tr>\n";

    In the line that says "my $systemKey" I get the key value that I want to use in order to reference the second database. Is there some way that I can build/print a table with the entries I had searched for in one column with the associated system from the second different database table using the $systemKey (ID number)?

    (PS I eliminated some of the code to simplify it for my question...the HeadingsOrdered simply allows you to change how to order the displayed results...either ascending or descending order)
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