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    insert with select troubles.

    Yay!! I got it with singel quotes. Thought I had previously tried that.

    When inserting to an archive table with data selected from a 'live' table, I want also to input to the archived table, the name of the person who did it ~ $admin

    I can't seem to work out how to get the $admin var into the insert. I seek your guidance.

    INSERT INTO files_archived 
                                    ( business_id
                                    , content_category
                                    , file_name
                                    , file_text
                                    , live_from
                                    , when_archived
                                    , archived_by
                                  , content_category
                                  , file_name
                                  , file_text
                                  , live_from
                                  , CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
                                  , "$admin"
                               FROM files as f
                              WHERE f.business_id = ?
                                AND f.content_category = ?
                                AND f.file_name = ?
                                AND f.live_from = ?
                                and archived_by = ?
    If you haven't time can you maybe supply me with a search term?

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