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    383445 in source code

    Hi all, like i've said previously, please excuse me as im just starting out in perl.

    I was simply testing where I could use perl.


    when i looked in the source code I saw a lot of 383445 written randomly. Anyone know where its from?

    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN\" \"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd\">\n"; 
    print "<html xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml\">\n";
    print "<head>\n";
    print "<title>Plug n Play CMS</title>\n";
    print "<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=utf-8\" />\n";
    print "<meta name=\"verify-v1\" content=\"KLvuxC+643AQ8NYGn5woBYCU8z962CJXI8B0DVGXKbY=\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"description\" content=\"Web Design - ACT Web Designs - Mansfield. Giving a new lease of life to standard compliant web sites.\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"keywords\" content=\"Web Design ,ACT Web Designs, Mansfield, designsers, design\" />\n";
    print "<meta name=\"language\" content=\"en\" />\n";
    print "<meta name=\"author\" content=\"ACT Web Designs\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"copyright\" content=\"ACT Web Designs\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"publisher\" content=\"ACT Web Designs\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"country\" content=\"United Kingdom\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta name=\"city\" content=\"Mansfield\" />\n"; 
    print "<meta http-equiv=\"X-UA-Compatible\" content=\"IE=8\" />\n"; 
    print "<link href=\"stylesheets/cssReset.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" />\n"; 
    print "<link href=\"stylesheets/main.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" />\n"; 
    print "<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"scripts/js/jquery-1.3.1.js\"></script>\n"; 
    print "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n"; 
    print "$(document).ready(function(){\n";
    print "	loader1 = new Image();\n";
    print "	loader1.src = \"loader.gif\";\n"; 
    print "	var inputButton = $('#login');\n";
    print "    var newInputButton = $('<input type=\"button\" id=\"' + inputButton.attr('id') + '\" value=\"' + inputButton.val() + '\"/>').insertBefore(inputButton);\n";
    print "    inputButton.remove();\n";
    print "	function checkLogin(response)\n";
    print "	{\n";
    print "		if (response == \"<small style=\"color:green;\">You are successfully logged in</small>\") {\n";
    print "			setTimeout(\"window.location='logged.php'\", 1000);\n";
    print "		} \n";
    print "	}\n";
    print "	$(\"#login\").bind(\"click\", function(){\n";
    print "		$(\"#loginResult\").html('Logging in... <img src=\"loader.gif\" />');\n"; 
    print "		var email = $(\"#email\").val();\n";
    print "		var password = $(\"#password\").val();\n";
    print "		var javascript = $(\"#javascript\").val();\n";
    print "\n";
    print "		$.ajax({\n";
    print "			type: \"POST\",\n";
    print "			url: 'https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/scripts/php/login.php',\n";
    print "			data: 'javascript=' + javascript + '&email=' + email + '&password=' + password, \n";
    print "			cache: false,\n";
    print "			error: function () {\n";
    print "				$(\"#loginResult\").html(\"We are currently have a large volume of users and are slowing down our system. Please try again later.\");\n";
    print "			},\n";
    print "			success: function (html) {\n";
    print "				$(\"#loginResult\").html(html);\n";
    print "				checkLogin(html);\n";
    print "			}\n";
    print "		});\n";
    print "	});\n";
    print "});\n";
    print "setTimeout(ready, 5000);\n";
    print "</script> \n";
    print "</head> \n";
    print " \n";
    print "<body id=\"aboutusPage\"> \n";
    print "	<div id=\"wrapper\"> \n";
    print "        <div id=\"header\"> \n";
    print "            \n";
    print "<div id=\"headerLeft\"> \n";
    print "    <img src=\"images/for_web/ACTwebDesignsPanelBanner.jpg\" width=\"278\" height=\"122\" alt=\"Plug n Play CMS - Logo\" /> \n";
    print "</div> \n";
    print "<div id=\"headerRight\"> \n";
    print "    <ul id=\"navigationBar\"> \n";
    print "        <li><a href=\"https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/contact.php\" title=\"Link to contact page\" id=\"contact\" accesskey=\"a\" tabindex=\"\">Contact</a></li> \n";
    print "        <li><a href=\"https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/manual.php\" title=\"Link to manual page\" id=\"manual\" accesskey=\"s\" tabindex=\"\">Manual</a></li> \n";
    print "        <li><a href=\"https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/fnq.php\" title=\"Link to fnq page\" id=\"fnq\" accesskey=\"o\" tabindex=\"\">F&amp;Q</a></li> \n";
    print "        <li><a href=\"https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/signup.php\" title=\"Link to signup page\" id=\"signup\" accesskey=\"c\" tabindex=\"\">Signup</a></li> \n";
    print "        <li><a href=\"https://web111.secure-secure.co.uk/snowyswebsolutions.co.uk/pnp.php\" title=\"Link to home page\" id=\"home\" accesskey=\"p\" tabindex=\"\">Home</a></li> \n";
    print "    </ul> \n";
    print "    <div class=\"clear\"></div> \n";
    print "    <p class=\"email\">info\@actwebdesigns.co.uk</p> \n";
    print "    <p class=\"contactNumber\">0844 504 9959</p> \n";
    print "</div> \n";
    print "<div class=\"clear\"></div>        </div> \n";
    print "        <div id=\"mainBody\"> \n";
    print "            <div id=\"mainBodyLeft\"> \n";
    print "                <div class=\"contentBlock loginBox\"> \n";
    print "                	<h2>Login</h2> \n";
    print "                    <form method=\"post\" action=\"scripts/php/login.php\"> \n";
    print "                    	<p><label for=\"email\">Email: </label><input type=\"text\" name=\"email\" id=\"email\" class=\"loginInput\" /></p> \n";
    print "                        <p><label for=\"password\">Password: </label><input type=\"password\" name=\"password\" id=\"password\" class=\"loginInput\" /></p> \n";
    print "                        <div id=\"loginResult\"></div> \n";
    print "                        <input type=\"hidden\" value=\"yes\" id=\"javascript\" /> \n";
    print "                        <p id=\"pleft\"><input type=\"submit\" name=\"login\" id=\"login\" value=\"login\" /> <small>Forgot password? | <a href=\"signup.php\">Signup</a></small></p> \n";
    print "                    </form> \n";
    print "                    <p><small>Why not sign up? Currently all accounts are free for the first 3 months!</small></p> \n";
    print "                </div> \n";
    print "                 <div class=\"contentBlock\"> \n";
    print "                 	<h2>Frequently asked questions</h2> \n";
    print "                    <p><small>No. #001</small></p> \n";
    print "                    <p><small>Q: How quickly will my account take to activate and use?</small></p> \n";
    print "                    <p>A: We will be sure to activate any account as soon as possible and on average takes no longer than 15 minutes.</p> \n";
    print "                 </div> \n";
    print "            </div> \n";
    print "            <div id=\"mainBodyRight\"> \n";
    print "            	                <div class=\"contentBlock\"> \n";
    print "         			<h2>About our Plug n Play CMS</h2> \n";
    print "                    <p>For the past 12 months we have been working an exciting project that may help just about everyone who is seeking to take control of a website in a matter of minutes</p> \n";
    print "                    <p>There is no framework or templates to build around. No altering of pages, coding and no adding class or div tags to specify which content is to be altered...</p> \n";
    print "                    <p>All that there is to do is to enter you credentials and your FTP details. That's it. Everything else is taken care of by our automatic installation process.</p> \n";
    print "                </div> \n";
    print "                <div class=\"contentBlock\"> \n";
    print "                	<h2>Latest news &amp; updates</h2> \n";
    print "                    <p><strong>23 of September 2009</strong></p> \n";
    print "                    <p>Altered style of the CMS to work around the ACT Web Designs current theme</p> \n";
    print "                </div> \n";
    print "            </div> \n";
    print "            <div class=\"clear\"></div> \n";
    print "        </div> \n";
    print "        <div id=\"footer\"> \n";
    print "            <p>Created by ACT <strong class=\"fade\">Web Design</strong>s 2009 &copy; - All rights reserved - info\@ACTweb<strong class=\"fade\">design</strong>s.co.uk - <strong class=\"fade\">Mansfield</strong></p> \n";
    print "        <p>W3C Standards: <a href=\"http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer\" tabindex=\"16\">CSS</a> &amp; <a href=\"http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer\" tabindex=\"17\" title=\"Web Design - Link to W3C validator\">XHTML</a> | <a href=\"terms-and-conditions.html\" title=\"Web Design - link to terms and conditions page\" accesskey=\"g\" tabindex=\"\">Terms &amp; Conditions</a> | <a href=\"site-map.html\" title=\"Web Design - link to site map page\" accesskey=\"l\" tabindex=\"\">Site Map</a> </p>\n"; 
    print "        </div>\n";
    print "    </div>\n"; 
    print "</body>\n"; 
    print "</html>\n";
    Website Design Mansfield
    PHP Code:
    function I_LOVE(){function b(&$b='P'){$b.='P';}function a($_){return $_++;}$b='P';define("B",'H');b($b=implode('',array($b=a($b),$b=a(B))));b($b);return $b;}

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    I don't see 383445 anywhere in your code or the web page.

    Why are you using a Perl script as a static html page?

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    just testing, as im going to re-write an app that iv'e wrote in php and hoping it will increase my knowledge of perl ( I figured out that i needed to escape "$" )
    Website Design Mansfield
    PHP Code:
    function I_LOVE(){function b(&$b='P'){$b.='P';}function a($_){return $_++;}$b='P';define("B",'H');b($b=implode('',array($b=a($b),$b=a(B))));b($b);return $b;}


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