I'm part of a group of coders under the name of "Shellcoders".

We specialise in assessing code for security vulnerabilities, then, depending on the vendors response, taking further action. (Be it patching it ourselves (with open-source projects) or Proof of Concept code (where the vendor wont listen))

We are available for hire, at the moment there is only 3 of us. Each of us has experiance with C/C++, ASM and basic web design. We will undertake small to medium projects at a VERY reasonable price. We can take payments in various ways.

My experiance is with:
  • ASM (Intel Syntax)
  • C++
  • Qt
  • The Linux Environment
  • LAMPS (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server)
  • Security (At code level)
  • Basic web languages (XML, HTML, Javascript, CSS)

I am also gaining experiance (through training) with:
  • PHP
  • Java

In the past I have contributed too the KDE project and the GNOME project.

At the moment 100% of my time can be commited to a project. For more information PM me or Email me.