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    Flash + ASP Mailer to PHP

    Aight im trying to get this mailer to work (from the flash mx 2004 bible) but now i need it to be php instead of asp and im not much good with either.

    Basically on the first frame of the flash file there is this function:

    function sendComments() {
    	var sender:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    	var responder:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    	var scriptURL:String = "sendmail.asp";
    	responder.onLoad = function(success){
    		if (success) {
    		} else {
    	sender.fromEmail = fromEmail_txt.text;
    	sender.fromName = fromName_txt.text;
    	sender.body = name.text & "\n" & phone.text & "\n" & email.text & "\n" & preferredRad.selection.data & "\n" & comments.text;
    	sender.sendAndLoad(scriptURL, responder, "POST");
    this._lockroot = true;
    Then there is a listener on the input frame:
    submit.addEventListener("click", this.sendComments);
    reset.addEventListener("click", this.resetFields);
    So that when a user clicks on the submit button the function sendcomments runs and the script should be sent. When it's sent it goes to the frame labeled wait and then either the error frame or output frame if everything works.

    The asp code for the mailer is:
    smtpServer = ""
    smtpPort = 25
    ' ---
    dim smtpServer, smtpPort
    Set message = CreateObject ("JMail.Message") 
    'message.ServerAddress = smtpServer & ":" & smtpPort
    message.From = Request.Form("fromEmail")
    message.FromName = Request.Form("fromName")
    message.Subject = "Apropos Designing"
    message.AddRecipient "jphillips@norcaldesigns.com", "Jesse Phillips"
    message.ContentType = "text/plain"
    message.ISOEncodeHeaders = false 
    message.ContentTransferEncoding = "8bit"
    message.Body = Request.Form("body")
    ' 1 - highest priority (Urgent) ' 3 - normal ' 5 - lowest 
    message.Priority = 3
    ' Add sender's IP address (not required, but useful for web-based emessage)
    'message.AddHeader "Originating-IP", Request.ServerVariables ("REMOTE_ADDR")
    'Send the e-mail 
    message.Send(smtpServer & ":" & smtpPort)
    'Response.write "success=1&timeDate=" & Server.URLEncode(message.Date) & "&end=1"
    set message = nothing

    here are the files:
    Removed per OP request

    Anything u can do to help me out would be greatly appreciated!
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    Is there anyway to remove my website link in the original post?


    Roseville Website Design.
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    Yes, you can contact one of the forum moderators to remove them for you (there is a limitation for the time you have; 5 days or something like that). I'll take them out, but if you need to do the same with you're last post you can edit that one out.
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    I have a few other posts needing links removed:
    CSS Background problem. Good in IE7 and FF...
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    Can someone check this on the Safari Browser on a Mac?
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    I tried to PM you but the button was not letting me click for some reason. Can you remove those links for me or should I PM a mod for each?



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