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    mysql/php search page how to [ was mysql help ]

    OK. SO this will a my very first project. It's very simple but since I do not know any mysql stuff.

    I need to make a database with following three items.

    1) City Name
    2) Country in which city is located in.
    3) City's Zip Code

    That will be the MySQL part.

    On the php section. I want to make a search.php page in which you can type any of the above and it will return a small table with all of the values.

    For example.
    If in my database. there were:
    San Fransisco, California, 95001
    San Jose, California, 95111
    new york city, new york, 10111

    and in the search.php's search box if I was to type 10111. The results will return me New York City, New Youk, 10111.

    Contact me for more info. Thanks and have a peaceful day.
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    do you know how to use phpMyAdmin? if so, use that to create your mysql table.

    as far as the php search page, you need a search form and probably would be a good idea to have a more limiting search form that has a "search by" feature... otherwise in the case of New York, New York, a query like you suggested would bring up all cities in the state New York as well as the city New York, New York.... so have a dropdown that options for Search By:
    <select name='searchby'>
    <option value='city'>City</option>
    <option value='state'>State</option>
    <option value='zipcode'>Zipcode</option>

    and then have your text field
    <input type="text" name="keyword">

    then on the page your submit the form to, just run the following
    PHP Code:
    $_POST['searchby'] == "city"){
    $sql myql_query("SELECT * FROM `table_name` WHERE `city` LIKE '%{$_POST['keyword']}%'") or die(mysql_error());
    $_POST['searchby'] == "state"){
    $sql mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `table_name` WHERE `state` LIKE '{$_POST['keyword']}'") or die(mysql_error());
    $_POST['searchby'] == "zipcode"){
    $sql mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `table_name` WHERE `zipcode` LIKE '{$_POST['keyword']}%'") or die(mysql_error());
    $row mysql_fetch_array($sql)){
    "$row[city], $row[state] $row[zipcode]<br />";

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    Quote Originally Posted by desiguru
    Contact me for more info. Thanks and have a peaceful day.
    Please do not post a request for personal help to a problem you have posted to this forum. It is not acceptable practice. You have posted in a forum so you should expect to receive help in the forum. You can also post back any solution so that folks who follow into this thread with a similar concern can see how to approach the problem.


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