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    #1062 - Duplicate entry '23933-27243-0' for key 'membersid'

    Hi guys,

    I have a table, the table name is account,
    its have 2 fields : membersid, and categoryid

    i want to change the categoryid field content, i run this in phpmyadmin :

    update `account` set categoryid = replace (categoryid, '1' , '2');

    but get this error message

    #1062 - Duplicate entry '23933-27243-2' for key 'membersid'

    - what should i do so i can change the field content? Please help.
    I already tried changing the field TYPE, from INT, to BIGINT, like other person suggested, but still get that error message

    - this is the screenshot from the field Structure

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    Don't show the field info. Show the entire table's info, including the indexes.

    I would guess that you have a composite key defined on that table and indeed when you tried to change the category from 1 to 2 you managed to create a duplicate composite key.

    Try issuing the command
    DESCRIBE TABLE account;
    and if you can't figure out what it shows you, show the result to us.
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