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    Post WHERE adn OR query problem

    Hello, can anybody help me with this query please.

    I have tbl_project that has a row primary `category` which acts as the main decision maker as to what gets selected,
    WHERE category LIKE \'%' . $category . '%\'

    but it is possible that a row may not have the `category` equaling $category, but it may have a secondary link relationship to the category ( $linkedName = 0 or 1 to determine yes or no relationship) and I would like to include this in the query.
    OR \'' . $linkedName . '\' = 1

    And that's the part that I'm having trouble with. I think I need to insert the above OR line in after the WHERE line, but it's not giving me a result I desire.
    Any help on this would be much appreciated. (I am searching other forums etc but I've not found anything that has helped me yet).

    //select projects from database matching chosen category
    $query = 'SELECT
    \'' . $linkedName . '\',
    FROM `tbl_project` `a`, `tbl_projectimages` `b`
    WHERE category LIKE \'%' . $category . '%\'

    OR \'' . $linkedName . '\' = 1 //this line is giving a confused output, the query works well without this line, but I would like the extra linked results

    AND `a`.`projectId` = `b`.`projectId`
    AND `selector` = 0
    ORDER BY `a`.`projectId` DESC';

    Thanks in advance to anybody that looks into my problem.

    this question also in weberforums.com

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    You need to group your WHERE clauses correctly to get the desire result.

    $query = "SELECT `a`.`projectId`, `projectName`, `category`, `b`.`imgUrl`, `status`, `alt`, '$linkedName ', `b`.`selector` " .
    "FROM `tbl_project` `a`, `tbl_projectimages` `b`" .
    "WHERE (category LIKE '%$category%' OR '$linkedName' = 1) " .
    "AND `a`.`projectId` = `b`.`projectId` AND `selector` = 0 " .
    "ORDER BY `a`.`projectId` DESC';"
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    To explain:

    First answer this question:
        What is the value of 3 + 4 * 2 ?
    If you answered 14, go back to school.

    Multiplication has higher precedence than addition, so you should multiply 4 * 2 first and then add the 3. The answer is 11. If you *wanted* an answer of 14, you would write
         ( 3 + 4 ) * 2
    Same situation with AND and OR. AND has higher precedence.

    So if you write
        WHERE a OR b AND c
    you have *really* coded
        WHERE a OR ( b AND c )
    and, DJM pointed out, if you want it the other way you must *explicitly* use parentheses:
        WHERE ( a OR b ) AND c
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