I have tried to convert my database from latin1 to utf8, but failed.

My apm is Apache/2.2.9, PHP Version 5.2.6, MYSQL 5.0.51b.
And the database is here;

PHP Code:
Variable_name            Value                            |
character_set_client     utf8                             |
character_set_connection utf8                             |
character_set_database   latin1                           |
character_set_filesystem binary                           |
character_set_results    utf8                             |
character_set_server     utf8                             |
character_set_system     utf8                             |
character_sets_dir       | /opt/lampp/share/mysql/charsets/ |
collation_connection     utf8_general_ci                  |
collation_database       latin1_general_ci                |
collation_server         utf8_general_ci                  |
completion_type          0                                |
concurrent_insert        1                                |
connect_timeout          10                               |
14 rows in set (0.00 sec
I have backuped from phpmyadmin and make new database of utf8.
And open backup file in notepad++ and save backuped file encord option utf8.

I restored new sql file at phpmyadmin to new database. But most of characters are broken.

Any helpful comment or link of guide would be appreciated.