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    Comparing Schemas

    I was comparing two databases and noticed the only differences was in the AUTO_INCREMENT=xxx part at the end. As shown below this table has an auto_increment of 600 and in the other table it's a different value.

    The two databases are supposed to be the same as one site is my development site and the other site is my production site.

    I don't understand what the AUTO_INCREMENT=xxx part is defining and why it would have different values for tables which are supposed to be the same?

    Do I need to manually sync these two values so they are the same?

    PHP Code:
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Phone_Numbers` (
    idint(11NOT NULL auto_increment,
    company_indexint(11NOT NULL default '0',
    phone_numbervarchar(16NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
    KEY `company_index` (`company_index`),
    KEY `phone_number` (`phone_number`)
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    An AUTO_INCREMENT field is one where the *database* automatically inserts a UNIQUE incremental number each time you add a record.

    Unless both databases were created at the same time and *ALL* the records were inserted into both of them *IN THE SAME ORDER*, then of course the auto_number field values will be different.
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