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    Stored procedure help

    I need help with a stored procedure I am writing.

    If a certain condition exists, I need to perform inserts to two separate databases.

    First, I insert a new record into database A, using three variables whose values are retrieved from an XSLT transformation that is done. However, there is a fourth column in each record in Database A called "ID". This field is automatically generated with a unique identifier (int) each time a new record is created.

    My second insert, into Database B, needs to include the unique identifier that was just created for the record in question in Database A. Since I don't know what that value is, I need to find a way to select it from Database A.

    Any help here would be great.... Thanks!

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    Can you give an example of your current code?

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    Is this what you are looking for??

    If this ID column with the unique identifier that you referred to is *NOT* an AUTOINCREMENT column, then show us the DB schema for it and how you generate the values for it.


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