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    setting up a new database - access denied

    I'm setting up a database and have never done so before so I'l talk you through what I have done, in phpmyadmin I exported this text file to create the database as below

    CREATE TABLE calendar_events (	id INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT,	event_title 
    VARCHAR (25),	event_shortdesc VARCHAR (255),	event_start DATETIME);
    So this gives me the calendar_events table created ok and everything seems fine in phpmyadmin

    But when I go to connect to the database through a php script I get
    Access denied for user 'djpromoc3'@'%' to database 'calendar_events'

    the php is below
    PHP Code:
    mysql_select_db("calendar_events"$mysql) or die(mysql_error());
    All my host usernames and passwords are ok, is there something else I have missed?

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    You are creating a table calendar_events, but then you are trying to select a database named calendar_events... a table is not the same thing as a database.


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