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    update query help

    Hi guys

    i'm a little difficulty in updating one table, but using two where clauses from two different tables.

    basically i have 4 tables, customers, packages, status and transactions.

    a customer can have several packages, each package has a status, and each package has a transactions.

    i already know the customer_id, the transaction table already has the customer_id, and package_id(s) allocated on insert.

    i need to be able to update the transaction table where the customer_id is the one i already have and where the package status is 'Pending'.

    i cant seem to work out how i get the package_status from the packages table and include it in the update query where clause.

    any help would be great.

    thanks in advance

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    It sounds like you are storing an extra foreign key in the transactions table that you really don't need. If a customer has a package that has a transaction, then you know the customer ID of the transaction based on the package it belongs to, correct? So you shouldn't store customer ID in transaction (unless there is a highly compelling reason to do so based on query performance).

    At any rate, you can use a subquery in an UPDATE (version 4.1+).
    UPDATE transactionTable as t
    SET t.field1 = 'blah'
    WHERE t.package_id = (
        SELECT p.package_id
        FROM packageTable as p
        JOIN statusTable as s
        ON p.package_id = s.package_id
        WHERE p.customer_id = '999999'
        AND s.statusCode = 'Pending')


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