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    How do I display popup message while a large JavaScript file is loading

    My problem is that I have a large application written in HTML and JavaScript, about 6,500 lines of source and the web site file is protected (using HTML-protector.com) and is 1,515 KB Users at slow connect speeds are experiencing significant delay while file loads into their IE browser.

    The problem is that I can get a popup loading message to display, but only after user has been waiting with a blank screen for too long.

    I have tried without success several suggested scripts to display a “Loading … please wait” message. Currently I have the following:

    At line 7 of file :

    MyPopup is the loading “Please wait – message”
    var theURL = 'Loading_message_popup.html';
    var width = 700;
    var height =300;
    MyPopup = window.open('Loading_message_popup.html','newWindow','toolbar=no,menubar=no,resizable=no,scrollbars= no,status=no,location=no,width='+width+',height='+height);

    <BODY onLoad="MyPopup.close();">
    <script language="JavaScript">

    Then follows the remaining 6500 lines of the script. The popup only displays after a long time waiting with a white screen at dialup speed using IE browser.

    I am starting to wonder, because of the size of the script file involved, if there is any way I can get a popup message to display while the script is being sent from the server. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions, or alternative ways to display a popup while a large script file is downloading.

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    1. Popup blockers will block the popup from appearing as it is not being created from a user action.

    2. HTML-protector is a waste of money. The decrypted source can easily be obtained by either saving the page with Netscape 7.0 or using a view source userscript.

    3. 80k is a huge web page (that will lose 50% of visitors before it loads), your page is so large you are losing 99.9999999% of your visitors before the page finishes loading.
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