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    Javascript / Ajax Suggest Help


    I've run across a slight problem trying to reproduce the popular Suggest script where as you type in to a textbox, the options appear in a dropdown box.

    I'm new to Javascript and as the script is, the autocomplete feature works - but it only offers one possible record, and the record appears in the textbox instead of as an option in a dropdown list.

    For a better example:


    If you type "sh" in the phonebook search box, you'll see "sharon harding" appear automatically. But what i need is for the options to be displayed in dropdown form, and for it to include all possible options.

    I didn't code the original file personally, but i presume this is the .js that would need to be modified.

     * Provides suggestions for state names (USA).
     * @class
     * @scope public
    function StateSuggestions() {
        this.states = [
            "Amanda Lacey", "darryn cook", "Kevin Bradley", "Sharon Harding",
            "sharon harding", "Darryn Cook", "amanda lacey",
            "caroline abbondanza", "Caroline Abbondanza" , "casey smith" 
     * Request suggestions for the given autosuggest control. 
     * @scope protected
     * @param oAutoSuggestControl The autosuggest control to provide suggestions for.
    StateSuggestions.prototype.requestSuggestions = function (oAutoSuggestControl /*:AutoSuggestControl*/) {
        var aSuggestions = [];
        var sTextboxValue = oAutoSuggestControl.textbox.value;
        if (sTextboxValue.length > 0){
            //search for matching states
            for (var i=0; i < this.states.length; i++) { 
                if (this.states[i].indexOf(sTextboxValue) == 0) {
        //provide suggestions to the control
    Sorry for being so vague, but if anybody could point me in the right direction for where to start here, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well that script is not set up to do that.

    I would say look at this: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/autocomplete/

    in there download they have a sample that uses a JS array to do exactly what you are asking.

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