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    Newbie: Can text of js confirm() buttons be changed?

    New to js, but an old-dog programmer...

    Am used to VB or the X Window System where I configure these things "8-ways for Sunday".

    All I need is "Yes" and "No" vs. "Ok" and "Cancel", but all I ever see are simple `confirm("Who's your Daddy?")-type examples, otherwise you must write your own.`

    The OO-programmer in me says there's got to be a way to get at this stuff, but I haven't found a trail...

    Is it true these cannot be changed, or have I just not RTFM'd the right manual? (If so, where is THAT manual?)

    Say it ain't so (please)!

    Thanks in advance.

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    You cannot modify these modal windows as they are part of the browser, not part of your application. Basically, you're making a call to your environment, which is the browser. The browser considers it a security violation to modify things of this nature, as you can fool users into doing things they wouldn't otherwise do.

    Sorry, you're stuck with the same Ok/Cancel.


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