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    Unhappy AutoComplete submit form with [enter] key or mouse click

    So I'm using the Yahoo AutoComplete, and I'd like to have it submit my form once it has populated the text box. I entered a question in the yahoo developer network group and got a reply, but I'm having a hard time understanding it. Maybe someone can break it down and help me out.

    Here is my original quesiton:
    --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Matthew" <matthew_gisonno@...>
    > Hey everyone,
    > I'd like to leverage this new technology on our website, but am having
    > a bit of trouble getting it to function the way I'd like. Any
    > suggestions or help would be great. I have gotten the actual Auto
    > complete widget to work, but I'd like to have it submit my form when
    > someone either clicks the result from the popup, or presses the
    > [enter] key on the keyboard.
    > I have been able to do this by setting an onblur in the input field,
    > but this only works with mouse click. As well, it only submits what
    > the user typed, not what the auto complete stuck in there.
    > I've tried adding a timeout before the form submit in hopes that it
    > was just submitting too fast. If anyone has any insight, I'd be most
    > grateful.
    > Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone.

    and their reply:
    After creating an autocomplete object ("autoComplete") I subscribed to
    the itemSelectEvent event with a function.


    From there it's a matter of providing the onItemSelect function and
    having that submit the form.

    function onItemSelect(sType, aArgs)

    my code:
    autoComplete=new Object()
    function onItemSelect(sType, aArgs)
    function theForm ()
    <form action="http://intuitsearch.intuit.com/search" autocomplete="off" method="get" id="searchForm" name="searchForm">
    <input type="text" id="myInput" onFocus="onItemSelect();">
    <div id="myContainer"></div>
    I'm not even sure if I did this right. Basically, the form now submits when the user is using their mouse to click the autocomplete popup, but if they hit the [enter] key, the form just sits there... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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