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    security script and change the color of background

    Ok, I'm looking for a security script now, I have to make a database of like a 100 people and give everyone a different login id and password.

    I'm also looking to find some code that will help me allow the webpage viewer to change the color of the background - this is for people with learning disabilities.

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    I'm a little disappointed there is no code to see you've tried this yourself, or tracked some code down that you have attempted to modify But here goes:

    With regards to the users colour preferences, save them to your database - if you are using username/password then you pretty well have to be using a server-side language such as php/asp/etc and therefore you can set the background colour of the page accordingly.

    there's a huge amount of posts with regards to changing the background colour of the page, but simply put, here it is:

    <a href="#" onclick="document.body.style.backgroundColor='orange';return false">Orange</a>
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