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    Unhappy Parsing a Querystring in ASP using serverside javascript. Please Help!

    Hey guys I am new and in need of help. I have an ASP application written in serverside javascript that uses WinHTTP 5.1 to post to a page and then recieve a response (a query string that looks like the following):


    This info is used to create variables and perform further tasks. I have a function that is supposed to handle parsing the string then placing the returned info into variables. The code I am trying to use is below. The problem is that the returned variables that I am creating contain no data!!! Now it is based on some client side code, but it should still work on the server with the changes I have made, can anybody help or make suggestions.



    // Read the values from the Response and create a variable
    preobjHttpResponse = preobjHttp.responseText;

    // function to parse the string begins
    function gettheQueryString() {
    var theargs = new Object();
    // Get Query String
    var thequery = preobjHttpResponse;
    // Split thequery at the comma
    var thepairs = thequery.split("&");

    var thecounter = 0;

    // Begin loop through the querystring
    for(var i = 0; i < thepairs.length; i++) {

    // Look for "name=value"
    var thepos = thepairs[i].indexOf('=');

    // if not found, skip to next
    if (thepos == -1) continue;

    // Extract the name
    var theargname = thepairs[i].substring(0,thepos);

    // Extract the value
    var value = thepairs[i].substring(thepos+1);

    // Store as a property
    if (!theargs[theargname]) {
    theargs[theargname] = unescape(value);
    else {
    theargs[theargname] += ("&" + theargname + "=" + unescape(value));

    return theargs; // Return the Object

    var oQS = gettheQueryString();

    // Now, we can access the items:
    theRequestResponse = oQS.item1;
    theApprovalResponse = oQS.item2;
    theavsAddressResponse = oQS.item3;
    theavsZipResponse = oQS.item4;
    thecvvResponse = oQS.item5;
    theProcessVerbiage = oQS.item6;

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    Double-posting is against forum rules!

    You should have not started another thread and just PM the mod to move the original thread here.

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