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    Scroller Script Failing in IE - positioning?

    I'm trying to do one of those scrolly things, and getting some really wacky behavior in IE. The attached script works pretty much exactly like I want in Firefox. Pressing next or previous will scroll through the images with a serviceable transition (sliding from image to image, rather than just replacing).

    In IE5/pc, it collapses all the images into the same space when you click next, with the exception of the second image, which remains where it's supposed to be. It also doesn't stop at the next slide, but continues on ad infinitum.

    The fact that it works in Firefox suggests that my logic is correct. I hesitate to start yelling "bug," because new ones are pretty rare, in my experience. Thought? Suggestions?

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    I hesitate to start yelling "bug," because new ones are pretty rare, in my experience.
    In my experience all bugs are new bugs.

    cept of course thos old bugs, but they just get filed as 'design notes'
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    Actually, there's an error in Firefox ("can't convert scroll to integer") but the script continues to be executed.

    If you declare the scroll variable with initial numeric value, it would completely work with FF and IE.

    var scroll=0;

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