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    Question array and fromCharCode problem [solved]...

    I'm translating something I've already written in visual basic and vbscript to javascript, but this bit of code gives me an error...

    for(i=0; i<=5; i++){
       for(j=0; j<=5; j++){
          strdecrypt[i,j]=intdecrypt[(6 * i) + j].fromCharCode();
    if the .fromCharCode() is commented, it don't return an error, but I need it or something that would do the exact same thing

    here are the arrays declarations (i've kept the vb naming convention)
    	var intdecrypt = new Array(35);
    	var strdecrypt = new Array(5,5);
    intdecrypt have the charcodes and they must be sent as characters to strdecrypt

    thanks for your help

    strdecrypt[i,j]=String.fromCharCode(intdecrypt[(6 * i) + j]);
    i had some real bad syntax... the last bit of code is the solution...
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