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    Question Help with drop down list

    I have limited JScript experience so please bear with me.

    I need to develope the following:

    I want a place for a drop down list where a person can celect a name and have a list returned of the persons accounts, phone extension and his backup. Ex:

    John Smith 1234 Email: jsmith@xyzcompany.com

    Backup: Jane Doe 5678 Email: JDoe@xyzcompany.com


    xyz company
    acme widgets

    Is this ths best tool for the job or is there another method I should pursue? Is it possible to read an EXCEL file or an ACCESS data base? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    As far as "the job" being to list a lot of names in a compact space, I'd think that would be a good tool.

    I'd also imagine it is possible to read a database by calling methods of an ADO or similar ActiveX object. There's quite an extensive section on "Data Services" available @ msdn.microsoft.com, which might be worth perusing.
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