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    How Get Bottom Frame To Print All Records?

    I have column headers in the top frame and the data in the bottom frame. I'd like the users to be able to print all 100 or so records.

    In IE 5.5 if I do File | Print and then set to print each frame individually, then all the records print but the column headers print on their own separate page.

    In IE 5.5 if I do File | Print and then set to print as laid out onscreen, then only the first 20 or so records print (i.e. enough to fill up only one page).

    Thanks for any ideas...
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    You could toggle the display property on a duplicate set of headers on the table in the bottom frame using onBeforePrint and onAfterPrint (probably IE only tho)


    since I'm guessing youre data is DB drive, you could option to the user a 'printer friendly' page (popup)??


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