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    Dropdown and CSS problems with IE. (works with moz)

    Goal: Dropdown ( <select> based) in which tooltips popup as you scroll thru the possible options.

    I have this working in mozilla. I'm using the mouseover and mouseout events to trigger the unhide/hide changes.

    function getID( e ) {
    if (!e) { e = window.event; }
    if (getIE()){
    return e.srcElement.value;
    else {
    return e.originalTarget.value;

    <select onchange="hideAll(event);" onclick="hideAll(event);" onmouseout="hideAll(event);" onmouseover="showPopup(event,'ezcatpop' + getID(event));" id="ezcat" name="ezcat">

    In mozilla it works fine, as I scroll through the various options, the tooltips popup and hide exactly as desired. I'm using event.originalTarget.value as my key to know which <div> to hide/unhide. IE does not have originalTarget, and fromElement refers to <body>. With srcElement, I can only get the selected option, not the currently highlighted option while scrolling. I've tried associating events with the actual <option>'s but they don't seem to fire.

    Any Suggestions?


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    Internet Explorer

    I don't see any way to monitor mouse events while over option elements: it seems that they are in a different window than their parent select element --guess that's what "windowed control" means...
    hmm... ?

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    And you don't even need javascript to make tooltips in option elements in Mozilla. Moz supports title attribute (and onmouseover/onmouseout events for that matter) in the option tag.

    <select title="This is a list of fruits. Please select one.">
    <option value="0" title="This is an apple">Apple</option>
    <option value="1" title="This is an orange">Orange</option>
    <option value="2" title="This is a mango">Mango</option>

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