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    innerHTML problem in Mozilla with split()

    In Mozilla, whitespace and line breaks are shown in the innerHTML (try alerting and you'll see). On my forum, I'm making a mod that must split up HTML tags in a certain way (the forum source is beyong my control):

    A<br /><br />
    B<br /><br />
    C<br />

    <br />
    D<br /><br />

    Note the space between the pair of <br /> tags between C and D. IE will split all of these without a problem, but Mozilla can't. (see Bug 237330 I submitted).

    Is there a regular expression that can handle this? You can use regular expressions in split() too right?

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    That bug is marked RESOLVED - WONTFIX. That's because it's the author's responsibility to deal with whitespace, not the browser's.

    Anyway Alex wrote a method for cleaning whitespace that should solve your problem - http://www.codingforums.com/showthre...&threadid=7028
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