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    variables: transport, display and sent.

    i need a simple script to save my input on a page. I also want to print it on the nect page and finally restore it on the third page. It should look something like:

    page 1: question 1
    page 2: You ga x as answer on question 1
    question 2
    page 3: you gave x as answer on questoin 1
    you gave y as answer on question 2
    question 3
    page 4: you gave ....
    you gave .....
    you gave .....

    I tried it on different ways but every time or the data isnt saved or it can be restored or it cant be sent finally. Can someone help me with this??


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    You could always pass variables from page to page, but after a few questions your page location would get long:


    I'd suggest simplifying it like q1=b,q2=d,q3=a so not too much info is being passed back and forth.

    another option would be to use cookies. Search on google, you'll find plenty of tutorials.


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