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    autofill a variable value..

    Hello I am using coldfusion to create a field that will allow one to pick a date from a calendar.

    However, on this form, I am going to have fields for two dates, so, it would be nice if, after a person entered a value for one field, automatically this value got entered into another field..

    I searched the forums and tried using the option suggested below...

    autofill forms

    but could not get the code to work...

    This is what the test page looks like...

    Test page

    I was wondering if I could use javascript somehow to insert a value into the Date field 2 that matched the value selected in Date 1?

    I am attaching the code that is one the page...the initial value portion of Date 2:
    is what I need to populate based on the selection from Date 1

    I guess the answer that I am looking for is how can I insert a variable whose value is dependent on what is picked in Date1 into the value for Date 2...

    I look forward to your insight!
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