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    Double Column Drop Down Menu Needed

    New Guy who searched forum and couldn't find answer. I have a 47 group drop down menu that gets cut off half way for a 600 x 800 resolution. It's the "Animal" link at http://www.4switchplates.com/switchplates.html . Rather than have Animals A-I and Animals J-Z is there a way to showcase all the Animal Groups in one drop down list without having customers scroll down the page. I'm thinking a two column list rather than shrinking the font size. Here is the current code:

    Menu3=new Array("Animals","/switchplates_animals.html","",47,16,150);
    Menu3_1=new Array("All Animals","/switch_plates_allanimals.html","",0,18,180);
    Menu3_2=new Array("Alligator","/switch_plates_alligator.html","",0);
    Menu3_3=new Array("Animal Prints","/switch_plates_animalprints.html","",0);
    Menu3_4=new Array("Bear","/switch_plates_bear.html","",0);
    Menu3_5=new Array("Bee","/switch_plates_insects.html","",0);
    Menu3_6=new Array("Birds","/switch_plates_birds.html","",0);
    Menu3_7=new Array("Buffalo","/switch_plates_buffalo.html","",0);
    Menu3_8=new Array("Butterfly","/switch_plates_butterfly.html","",0);
    Menu3_9=new Array("Cat","/switch_plates_cat.html","",0);
    Menu3_10=new Array("Chicken & Rooster","/switch_plates_chicken.html","",0);
    Menu3_11=new Array("Couger","/switch_plates_cougar.html","",0);
    Menu3_12=new Array("Cow","/switch_plates_cow.html","",0);
    Menu3_13=new Array("Coyote","/switch_plates_coyote.html","",0);
    Menu3_14=new Array("Deer","/switch_plates_deer.html","",0);
    Menu3_15=new Array("Dog","/switch_plates_dog.html","",0);
    Menu3_16=new Array("Dragonfly","/switch_plates_dragonflies.html","",0);
    Menu3_17=new Array("Duck","/switch_plates_duck.html","",0);
    Menu3_18=new Array("Elephant","/switch_plates_elephants.html","",0);
    Menu3_19=new Array("Elk","/switch_plates_elk.html","",0);
    Menu3_20=new Array("Fish","/switch_plates_fish.html","",0);
    Menu3_21=new Array("Fox","/switch_plates_fox.html","",0);
    Menu3_22=new Array("Frog","/switch_plates_frogs.html","",0);
    Menu3_23=new Array("Gecko & Lizard","/switch_plates_geckos.html","",0);
    Menu3_24=new Array("Giraffe","/switch_plates_giraffe.html","",0);
    Menu3_25=new Array("Grasshopper","/switch_plates_grasshopper.html","",0);
    Menu3_26=new Array("Horse","/switch_plates_horses.html","",0);
    Menu3_27=new Array("Iguana","/switch_plates_iguana.html","",0);
    Menu3_28=new Array("Koala","/switch_plates_koala.html","",0);
    Menu3_29=new Array("Insects","/switch_plates_insects.html","",0);
    Menu3_30=new Array("Koala","/switch_plates_koala.html","",0);
    Menu3_31=new Array("Ladybug","/switch_plates_ladybug.html","",0);
    Menu3_32=new Array("Lion","/switch_plates_lions.html","",0);
    Menu3_33=new Array("Loon","/switch_plates_loon.html","",0);
    Menu3_34=new Array("Manatee","/switch_plates_manatee.html","",0);
    Menu3_35=new Array("Monkey","/switch_plates_monkey.html","",0);
    Menu3_36=new Array("Moose","/switch_plates_moose.html","",0);
    Menu3_37=new Array("Panda","/switch_plates_panda.html","",0);
    Menu3_38=new Array("Pig","/switch_plates_pig.html","",0);
    Menu3_39=new Array("Rabbit","/switch_plates_rabbit.html","",0);
    Menu3_40=new Array("Racoon","/switch_plates_racoon.html","",0);
    Menu3_41=new Array("Sheep","/switch_plates_sheep.html","",0);
    Menu3_42=new Array("Squirrel","/switch_plates_squirrel.html","",0);
    Menu3_43=new Array("Tiger","/switch_plates_tiger.html","",0);
    Menu3_44=new Array("Turtle","/switch_plates_turtle.html","",0);
    Menu3_45=new Array("Whale","/switch_plates_whale.html","",0);
    Menu3_46=new Array("Wolf","/switch_plates_wolf.html","",0);
    Menu3_47=new Array("Zebra","/switch_plates_zebra.html","",0);

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    Check here for some double combo scripts that might work. You could have one dropdown with categories and the second with the animals that belong to that category.

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    how about using a table

    Just thinking about this...

    Have a table.

    1. a one option drop down box which is visible onblur,
    which shows the selected option
    2. a table which is visible onfocus of the drop down box
    which is a two or more column table.

    and use the onClick event for each cell to update
    the field within drop down box (#1).

    So when you click on the dropdown box, you hide it,
    and change the table to be visible, this would make
    it appear like a drop down multi column table.

    When your click event happens, you move the information
    into select list 1, hide table 2, make select list 1 visible again.
    and make focus() some other field or just window.

    You could have multiple columns with this method of any amount



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