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    Problem with Ajax Uploader and Filenames

    I'm not sure whether this should be in the PHP or Javascript forums

    I have a simple ajax image uploader that outputs the url of the uploaded image into a textarea when finished. It was working perfect before I modified the corresponding .php file to prepend a time stamp to the file name. How do I modify the .js file to show the proper filename with the timestamp?

    jQuery(function() {
        var btnUpload = jQuery('#up');
        var mestatus = jQuery('#status');
        var files = jQuery('#photo');
        new AjaxUpload(btnUpload, {
            action: 'photo.php',
            name: 'uploadfile',
            onSubmit: function(file, ext) {
                status.html('<img src="ajax-loader.gif">');
            onComplete: function(file, response) {
                alert('Image uploaded!');
                //Add uploaded file to list
                if (response === "success") {
                    jQuery('#photo').val('http://domain.com/path/to/image/' + file);
                } else {
                    alert('Uh-oh, something went wrong"!');


    PHP Code:
    $uploaddir '/path/to/image/'
    $file $uploaddir time() . '_' basename($_FILES['uploadfile']['name']); 
    if (
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploadfile']['tmp_name'], $file)) { 
    } else {

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    If all your PHP code sends back to your web page is either "success" or "fail" then how in the world do you expect the JavaScript code to *GUESS* what that new file name is?

    After all, the JS code has no idea what time of day it is on your server. It might be 2 seconds off or it might be several hours off if they are in different time zones.

    The PHP code *MUST* SEND BACK the new file name and the JS code must then expect and check for a file name instead of just "success".
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